Let’s face the music & dance ...

Brendan Cole comes to the Alhambra, Dunfermline
Brendan Cole comes to the Alhambra, Dunfermline

Fans of dance are in for ‘a night to remember’ at the Alhambra Theatre next week when ‘Strictly’ star Brendan Cole returns to the Kingdom.

The dancer brings his brand new show to the Dunfermline venue on Thursday, February 26.

Once again complete with a cast of dancers, musicians and singers, it’s set to be an evening full of sparkle.

For Brendan, the Alhambra is becoming a regular venue for him to visit, having been in the Kingdom with his live shows for the last few years.

So, for those who haven’t been to see any of his past shows, what can they expect from ‘A Night to Remember’?

“I like to think everything!” Brendan said.

“Probably best described as ‘An Evening With’ style show, full of live music from a phenomenal 14-piece band who are on stage with us, Latin and ballroom dances from my superb eight-strong dance cast and some chat thrown in for good measure.

“It’s a real variety type show with all you’d expect to see on ‘Strictly’ but more intimate, as it’s geared for a live audience.

“We have all the dances you’d expect – Argentine tango, salsa, some beautiful waltzes, charleston, quicksteps...they’re all there.

“I host the show and perform throughout.

“I love the fact that it’s very intimate between me, my cast and the audience.”

And although the essential formula for the show appears the same each year, the show for the current tour features new music, new costumes and new banter.

But for Brendan, what’s the best thing about touring?

He continued: “To me, the excitement of performing and having a reaction from a crowd is what I love best.

“I love looking out at the audience just before the show starts and seeing people’s anticipation of what they are about to see and then again at the end, to see their reaction.

“To see people smiling and discussing what they have just been a part of is so satisfying.

“I also look forward to hanging out with my cast.

“We have an incredible time together travelling around and performing. It’s always sad when it comes to an end.

“It’s like having a party that you really want to be at that lasts for more than two months and doesn’t get boring.”

This latest tour follows straight off the back of season 12 of ‘Strictly’, in which the New Zealand dancer danced with ‘Casualty’ star Sunetra Sarker.

Although the couple didn’t reach the finals this year, Brendan has enjoyed ‘Strictly’ success when he won the very first contest with Natasha Kaplinsky.

It’s something he considers as a highlight of his time in dance.

So what about his greatest achievement in dance - any stand out moments?

“My greatest achievements in dance are definitely my shows,” he said.

“They are not put on by a production company with me just coming in to headline, they are mine from start to finish creatively.

“I’m extremely proud of what my cast and I achieve.”

And when it comes to creating a brand new dance show, where do you begin with the concept?

He explained: “It’s a massive process.

“Myself, my musical director Barry Robinson and my wife Zoe started throwing music ideas around while we were producing my show last year.

“As music choices begin to take shape, I start planning the running order and the logistics of getting on and off stage, costume changes, etc.

“During this time, I start to think about my cast and who I would like to have join me, while Barry does the same with our musicians.

“This year Fauve Hautot is back as my leading lady – she is amazing.

“Patrick Helm and Crystal Main are also back and then we have some new dancers who people may well recognise!

“Over the space of about 10 months, the show takes shape.”

The result is a bold, sensational show that blends exquisite choreography with Brendan’s unique charisma.

The tour sees Brendan and his cast perform 48 shows in three months, but does he have any pre-stage rituals?

“Not too many,” he said.

“I generally try to get my adrenaline going which isn’t hard when you have an excited audience ready to be entertained.

“I shake my legs as fast as I can and get myself pumped up, try to contain my excited grin and burst out!”

And once the show is over, what does the dancer hope that the audience will take away from his show?

Brendan add: “What I want is for them to be entertained from start to finish and to leave with a smile on their face.

“Hopefully they’ll feel they have met the real me, a slightly cheeky pretty normal fella, and feel excited from having seen some magic on stage!”

Brendan Cole’s ‘A Night to Remember’ comes to the Alhambra Theatre on Thursday, February 26.