Let’s find solution to flooding saga ...

solution to Cardenden flooding?
solution to Cardenden flooding?

two major flood-prone areas in Cardenden have been visited in another attempt to find a solution to the long-running problem.

Councillors Ian Chisholm and Linda Erskine, accompanied by members of the Community Council, local residents and Council officials met to discuss the situation recently.

David Taylor, secretary of Cardenden and Kinglassie Community Council, said: “It was originally thought that the problems in both areas were associated with the excessive water in Jamphlars Pond, but it now seems that they are separate issues.

“The major concern is the flooding of the gardens in the Jamphlars area which is being caused by the reduced flow of water out of the pond.

Red silt

‘‘This should flow down the Kirk Burn and eventually into the River Ore. However, two feet of red silt is preventing a free flow of the water and it is hoped that funding can be obtained to clear this.”

Mr Taylor added that the proposed treatment of water flowing into the pond was also discussed.

“The water is contaminated with red oxide, originating from former open-cast coal workings in the Woodend area.

This is also causing gardens in the area to be flooded.

“It is the intention to pipe it to a filtration system which will be created close to the pond. This will enable some of the oxide to be removed before the water enters the pond, but detailed plans have still to be prepared.”

He said that flooding in a field next to the war memorial at Auchterderran had also been causing problems, with water spilling onto the road and into adjoining gardens.

“The field, which has a 15 inch water main running across it, is owned by the Church of Scotland and has been flooding for some years. Scottish Water was asked to investigate and has confirmed the water is from the mains. Work will now be needed to rectify this problem.

“Hopefully these measures will resolve the flooding problems in the area which have been ongoing for many years.”