Let’s kick up a stink to get rid of the Ming

Guilty of not? The Levenmouth treatment plant.
Guilty of not? The Levenmouth treatment plant.

A PROTEST against Scottish Water’s handling of the Methil Ming is to take place next month.

A meeting has been set up for June 18, at Bayview Stadium, for representatives of the local community, including MP Lindsay Roy, and the water authority to discuss the ongoing problem, with a number of fed-up residents stating they plan to hold the demonstration at 9.30am - half an hour before the meeting is to start.

With feelings running high, one resident, Pete Meldrum, has urged all local people and business owners to attend.

He added: “I think it is great that our local MP Mr Lindsay Roy is taking on Scottish Water and I wish him every success in getting a positive result.

“After 10 years we, as residents, and also MSPs, councillors etc, have had no impact on Scottish water.

“The stench has once again been with us over the past week. Perhaps placards, gas masks and white sterile suits would be in order.”

Mr Roy told the Mail he will hand a petition, signed by over 1000 people, to Scottish Water at the meeting.

He added: “What we are saying is ‘enough is enough’, the problems have been going on for ages and despite the promises from Scottish Water nothing effective seems to have been done.

“They have promised a number of things but we still have complaints about the odour.

“They are saying there is no evidence whatsoever that any of the odours are coming from the water treatment works, and people quite frankly, don’t believe that.”

Mr Roy added: “I think it is everybody’s right to protest and given the circumstances in the Levenmouth area I think that’s one way people can show their annoyance, anger and frustration and hopefully they can get something done more promptly than otherwise would be the case.”