Let’s speak up for Kirkcaldy

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A NEW campaign has been launched to speak up for the town - and improve its image.

‘I Love Kirkcaldy’ aims to combat the moaners who say the Lang Toun is stagnating or even declining by appealing to Fifers’ sense of pride.

It was launched online this week by businessman Yosof Ewing and has already attracted hundreds of supporters.

The managing director of ConstructPRO and one of the campaginers fighting to save Tolbooth Street car Park, he believesit’s time people spoke up for their town once more.

‘‘I’m sick and tired of people running Kirkcaldy down, and I just felt enough was enough,’’ he said.

‘‘This is our home town and we need to start talking about it in a positive light. Only then will we make things better.’’

The Facebook page ‘‘I Love Kirkcaldy’’ has won the backing of over 270 people since its launch on Monday, and his aim is to have it backed - or ‘liked’ - by everyone from the Kirkcaldy area on the social networking site.

It has five clear goals:

To rediscover civic pride in Kirkcaldy

To promote positive discussion and change

To provide a voice for the people

To remind those who serve the public about the will of the people they serve

To attract investment for long term economic benefit

Added Yosof: ‘‘Kirkcaldy has a very rich and illustrious history. It has provided some amazing people and gifts to the world at large. In the 21st Century as the worlds economy takes a battering our decision makers have forgotten about us, Investment in sustainable growth and jobs is at an all time low or stalled - and many people tear into Kirkcaldy as if it’s the town’s fault,

‘‘But this is our home and it’s about time we started looking after it.’’

The Facebook page has four polls running already to kick-start debate on a number of issue, and it seems to have struck a chord with younger people.

‘‘I’m so heartened to so so many young people supporting it,’’ added Yosof. The response from them has been excellent. I’m absolutely over the moon with the response so far.

‘‘We also have an advert booked on Facebook ads which is being seen by around 400,00 people across the region - so the message is starting to get out.’’

He accepts there is apathy about the town, but believes it can be turned around - and the power of social networking can make a difference to the tone of the debate.

‘‘I want everyone in Fife to back the page and be part of the debate.

‘‘The more we talk about Kirkcaldy in a positive way, the more we can start to see our town in a different light ... and that can only be a good thing.’’