Let’s stage the car park gig ... indoors!

Revellers at a previous Gig in the Car Park
Revellers at a previous Gig in the Car Park

Leslie is the place to be for music fans this weekend as the Greenside Hotel hosts this year’s Gig in the Car Park – although this year it’s a little different.

Organisers have once again put together a top line up of bands, including many local talents, for the two-day event, however in 2015 there will be no marquee in the car park.

Despite this, those behind the music festival which is now in its ninth year, hope that people will still turn out and support the event and those bands that are set to play.

Raegan Gallagher explained to the Gazette this week that due to slow advance ticket sales he has been forced to cancel plans for the marquee at the weekend, however all those bands lined up to play will still do so, only inside the hotel rather than in the car park.

He said: “Unfortunately I’ve more or less had to cancel the outside aspect of it this year down to poor advance ticket sales and high costs.

“It will be the same line up, from the same times and the same acts that are playing, they will just be playing inside this year.

“It is disappointing and it was a difficult decision to make, but one we had to take.”

Over the course of Saturday and Sunday, the mini-festival will see more than 20 bands perform to the crowds, with names on the bill this year including Root System, the Mona Lisas, Nick Mercer, Tomas Bird, Return to the Sun, Spliff Richards and the Snapping Turtles, Sauza Kings, Burn the Maps, Sorry Hollywood and Auxygen.

Raegan added: “It is a great line up and I’m sure it will still be a great day of live music for everyone to enjoy.

“We hope that a great crowd will come along and have a great time.”

However it is not just Gig in the Car Park that has been affected as a result.

Raegan explained: “The knock on effect is that I had an event planned for the following weekend too, it was going to be a family fun day, but I’ve had to cancel that too as the marquee will not be here.”

Raegan admits that following this weekend he’ll have to look again at plans for the future in terms of Gig in the Car Park.

He said: “As far as future events go it may be the case we have to say to folk do you want this venue to continue in this area?

“But we need to see how the weekend goes.

“If we can’t claw something back and keep it to reinvest next year then it probably won’t go ahead next year unless we can do some other sort of fundraising.”

The full line up for Gig in the Car Park on both Saturday and Sunday can be found online by searching for ‘The Greenside Venue’ on Facebook.

The Facebook page also contains information on how to buy your ticket for the gigs.

Tickets are priced £12 for each day and the event runs from noon to 10.30pm on both Saturday and Sunday.