Let’s talk about the ‘Ming’

Protestors at last year's stakeholder meeting at New Bayview, Methil
Protestors at last year's stakeholder meeting at New Bayview, Methil
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A SCIENTIST carrying out independent research in to the notorious Methil Ming is seeking residents to speak with him.

Dr Simon Heslop, of the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen, wants to talk to members of the community local to the Levenmouth Waste Water Treatment Works to compile a report for the plant’s owner.

He plans to hold a series of group discussions with those willing to take part, who will be paid £10 for their “time and inconvenience”.

In an appeal to residents to get in touch with him, Dr Heslop explained: “I am conducting an independent piece of research for Scottish Water, to develop understanding of community member concerns in relation to the Levenmouth Waste Water Treatment Works.

“The findings of this study will provide a platform upon which Scottish Water can develop a more effective strategy for dealing with the concerns of people in the community.

“I am intending to hold group discussions with active complainants, occasional complainants, past complainants, people who have never complained, and business representatives between May 27-29.

“Discussions will last about one hour and will be relaxed conversational exchanges.”

The James Hutton Institute previously said in February it had traced the source of the eggy stench, which can often be smelled within miles of Methil, as being from the Levenmouth plant.

The findings were hardly surprising to many residents and business who have said for years the smell was coming from there.

Friends of Levenmouth Action Group (FLAG), secretary Audrey Egan is urging residents to stand up and make themselves heard.

She told the Mail not enough people are currently doing so.

She said: “This complaint has been going on a long 12 years or so and it’s because not enough people are speaking up, that it’s allowed to remain a ‘pest’.

After a lot of support last year, FLAG managed to get Scottish Water to commit to this social study so if not enough people speak up, then it’s probably back to square one again...and we don’t want that.”

For more information and to register your interest in taking part contact Dr Heslop via email at simon.heslop@hutton.ac.uk or by calling 01224 395304.