Let’s work together for community

Cathie Gibson (Secr), Gillian Walters (Vice Chair) - from the Dallas Drive Residents Committee
Cathie Gibson (Secr), Gillian Walters (Vice Chair) - from the Dallas Drive Residents Committee

TENANTS and residents in Dallas Drive and surrounding streets have been learning about the work of a local facility which works with vulnerable families in the town.

The group held their recent meeting in the Cottage Family Centre in Templehall so the members could find out about the community work it carries out.

The Association recently appealed for more locals to get involved and invited them to come along to the event.


Cathie Gibson, secretary, said: “We gained two new, very enthusiastic members and their input was invaluable and they are now more than happy to pass the word on to neighbours and friends in our area.

“At the meeting Pauline Buchan from the centre gave a very informative talk about deprivation in the area and the low self-esteem the centre experiences every day from visitors.

“It is their aim to help these people to regain their self-respect and assist them to resolve all the everyday issues like enough food, heat and electricity to enable them to care for their families.

“Pauline described situations that were very shocking and eye-opening. They are very much in need of clothing, furniture and goods that would improve the lives of families which are struggling.

“Our funds have allowed us to donate £50 towards goods for the centre and Pauline has requested that the donation is spent on children’s books.”

Cathie said a decision on funding for a new play park in Dallas Drive should be confirmed in February 2013, adding that the group’s next meeting will be held in Charlie’s Bar in Dunearn Road on January 30, 2013 at 6.30 p.m.