Let there be lights! Festive spirit alive and well for Kinghorn

Kinghorn's Christmas lights switch on 2016
Kinghorn's Christmas lights switch on 2016

Kinghorn’s main shopping street is set to be lit up with brightly-coloured Christmas lights on Sunday.

But the event almost wasn’t going to go ahead, if it hadn’t been for the generosity of Bill Harvey, manager and his team from Kirkcaldy4All, the organisation which promotes Kirkcaldy town centre.

Mr Harvey stepped in to play Father Christmas after hearing that the removal of a lamp-post connecting up the wiring for the festive illuminations, meant that the lights would not work.

He sent the contractors, who had been hired to put up Kirkcaldy’s lights along to Kinghorn to help out, and within minutes they were back in business.

Mr Harvey said: “When Kirkcaldy upgraded its lights we were able to donate the old ones to Kinghorn last year, and Fife Council then put them up in time for Christmas.

“They were left up after Christmas and some time through the year a lamp-post was removed and there was a gap in the lights which meant that they would not work.

“All we did was send the contractor along to reconnect them up on the wall with a new bracket. They then checked that they were working.

“I know Alan McIlravie through his work with the Kinghorn Lifeboat and I knew they were struggling to get the job done. We had people here putting ours up and had the equipment to hand so it made sense for us to give them a hand.

“We were just glad to be able to help our neighbours in this small way.”

Mr McIlravie, Provost of the Royal Burgh of Kinghorn Community Council, said: “The lights which are weatherproof were left up after last year because they cost a lot of money to bring down then put up again.

“When the council replaced the lamp-post during the year the connection was broken, and we couldn’t have afforded the cost of having it reconnected.

“I had mentioned this to Bill Harvey at an event we were both at and he very kindly offered to help us out.

“It was done about two weeks ago and we are extremely grateful to Bill and his team for this, otherwise Kinghorn would not have had any festive lights to brighten up our High Street.”

The lights will be switched on by Provost McIlravie on Sunday at around 5pm, with the festivities and carol singing led by the choir from Kinghorn Primary School kicking things off around 4.30pm.

Members of the public are invited to join in the fun.