Let us know all about Fife’s pot hole perils

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WITH wintry weather expected to takes its toll on Fife’s roads, local authority leader Alex Rowley is urging drivers to report any pot holes they find.

Freezing conditions, snow and ice all have an adverse impact on road surfaces, and the severe winter of 2010 and 2011 caused significant damage to the Kingdom’s roads.

Although the weather has not been as bad yet this winter, Councillor Rowley said there were still signs of many of our local roads breaking up and pot holes appearing.

And he stressed drivers needed to report them – because if Fife Council doesn’t know about them, it can’t fix them.

Cllr Rowley said: “The pot holes can cause much damage to cars and, therefore, need to be reported to ensure the council knows where they are and that it takes the action to at least make them safe in the short term.

“The key thing is that, if the council has no knowledge of the problem, then it can’t know to fix it, and that is the point that the insurance companies will make to those who are claiming for damage.

“So make sure if you see pot holes and broken up roads that you report them.”

The Road Condition Index (RCI), an annual survey carried out across Scotland, indicated in 2012 that 36.4 per cent of Fife’s roads were either poor or in need of attention, with the Kingdom’s A class roads among the poorest in the country.

While the RCI reported road conditions in Fife were improving, Fife Council paid out a total of £10,720 on 454 claims in the two years to March 2012 in compensation for pot hole damage to vehicles.

Bob McLellan, the council’s head of transportation, stated in a recent road maintenance report there was a robust safety inspection regime in place, and defects identified from safety inspections and reports from the public were categorised and repaired accordingly.

Road defects, such as pot holes, missing manhole covers, major spillages, debris or obstructions, should be reported by calling 08451 55 00 11 between 8am and 8pm.

Non-emergency problems with roads, pavements and signs can be reported online by going to www.fifedirect.org.uk.