Letters of comic intent ...

Danny Bhoy comes to the Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline in September
Danny Bhoy comes to the Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline in September

Danny Bhoy: Dear Epson

(Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline)

FRAMING a show around a series of letters may not be a new idea, but Danny Bhoy still brought new life and the lightest of touches to it at the Alhambra.

He also turned stand-up into sit-down comedy for his excellent new show ‘‘Dear Epson...’’

Based around a series of letters written to companies and institutions which basically got on his wick - Epson being the printer rather than the horse race - Danny didn’t just go for the obvious targets either.

Sure BT and banks were in there - and he still hit ‘em none the less - but his stuff on FIFA and the World Cup was superb, in particular the prospect of Scotland finally qualifying for Qatar only for the Tartan Army to discover it’s a dry state where ‘‘getting lashed’’ means something very different.

The comedy between each letter took him from topic to topic - he really does make this look ridiculously easy - and he hit the spot with his observations of how women’s behaviour changes when on a girls’ night out. Judging by the squeals in the audience more than a few women recognised the behaviour!

And just as Rhod Gilbert beautifully wrapped up his stand-up show the other week, so Danny Bhoy pulled all the different strands together - Monster Munch crisps, school, BT, America et al - with his final letter to himself.

A perfectly crafted show, delivered in the most easy-going manner you’ll ever see.

And genuinely funny and entertaining throughout.


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