Leuchars Station hosts drag racing for charity

Three road cars were transformed into mean, lean drag racing machines to raise funds for charity, at a special event at Leuchars Station.

Thursday, 12th December 2019, 1:11 pm

Each year, members of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) take part in an engineering challenge to mark their patron saint’s day.

On Tuesday, members of 2 (Close Support) Battalion, based in Leuchars Station, took part in a drag race along the runway.

The units purchased and adapted a vehicle using their mechanical engineering skills before undertaking a time trial, where points were awarded for the best runs.

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The teams had £600 each to buy and upgrade their cars, but the cars had to have MOT standard seats and brakes.

Each of the three teams got three attempts on the runway, with 10 minutes between each of their attempts to make any changes which could have given them the edge.

Lance Corporal Blake Carr, a technical service specialist, was one of the members who took part in the challenge.

“We were given £600 to buy a car and make it as fast as possible for a drag race. We bought a 2.3 litre, supercharged Mercedes.

“At first we fitted a turbo, but unfortunately that didn’t work out. We tweaked with the supercharger a little bit, made it run smoother, quicker.

“We blew the whole £600 on the car. So the modifications didn’t cost us anything. They were donations from Dundee Auto Parts and ARK Paint in Dundee.

“The manager of the team reigned up our crazy ideas, kept us on the straight and narrow.”

So, what happens with the cars now – can we expect to see it on the streets of Fife?

“I think we might try and sell it as a drag racing car or a track car. Someone would be lucky to have it. It would be really good.”

The funding came from the REME Charity, which provides financial assistance to past and present members of the corps.

Sponsorship money was then secured, which will go back to the charity, as will any funds raised through the sale of the cars.

Lance Corporal Craig Kolberg, recovery mechanic, who drove a transformed Honda, explained that it was an “emergency buy”.

The team’s original choice turned out to be a “waste of time”, so Craig stopped off at the nearest McDonald’s and scoured the web for a second choice.

“It was owned by an old couple,” he said. “I test drove it and it was absolutely faultless – it was a shame to rip it apart. I explained to the gentleman what was happening with it. He wasn’t too keen. He told his wife and she was more than happy because she hates it.”