Leven community hub relaunches

Letham Glen Craft Centre has re-opened after refurbishments.
Letham Glen Craft Centre has re-opened after refurbishments.

A community hub has been relaunched in Leven.

The Letham Glen Craft Centre has been reopened following refurbishment, providing locals a place to have fun, relax or just meet up.

The centre has arts and craft activities, with ceramics, sand art, drawing and more available, while a tuck shop, which will sell beverages, snacks and ice creams, has also been installed.

There are also things to keep locals entertained through the summer, as a nine-hole crazy golf course will be placed outside the centre.

And for those wanting to just sit back and relax, benches have been set up looking over the park.

Mary Parry, chair of MyBus, which runs the centre, is urging groups and individuals to come forward with ideas to utilise the centre.

She said: “It’s a community space. People don’t have to come and draw and paint. They can just come and relax.”

She hopes the centre will be able to cater to people of all ages.

One idea is to keep the centre open until 8pm throughout the summer, offering youths a place to come and relax on evenings. And for adults not interested in playing in the sand pit, there is plenty of seating inside for people to relax and have a drink.

Mary wanted to reopen the centre after giving it up in April 2014, after a four-year spell running it.

She said: “I had the craft centre before, but then I was approached about Scoonie Bowling Club, and that needed a lot of work. It was a stretch too far, so we gave up the centre.

“I’m not particularly crafty. But I’ve always done things in the community and I think something like this centre works.

“I just love this place. It’s brilliant to have it open.

“People always ask me ‘why are you doing it?’, but it’s nice to feel like you are doing something. And a lot of kids in the area don’t have things to do.”

While the centre will offer a place for people of all ages to come, relax and have fun, Mary thinks Leven still needs more community hubs, adding: “It’s about getting the community involved”.

As well improving the look of the centre, and updating the heating system, the refurbishment made the centre more accessible, with a disabled ramp and toilets installed.

The centre is currently looking for volunteers. To find out more details, including opening hours, visit the Letham Glen Craft Centre Facebook page.