Leven family rescued from chain walk

Tracey Bastable with husband Peter and son Joshua
Tracey Bastable with husband Peter and son Joshua

A Leven woman has spoken of her panic after she and her family became stranded and had to be rescued at Elie Chain Walk.

Tracey Bastable, her husband, son, brother and niece had to be rescued by the coastguard after becoming trapped.

Tracey said: “My brother Paul has done the walk six times before but I didn’t really know much about it.

“But as soon as we started, it was clear that it was really difficult, and I started to think ‘This is really dangerous’.

“We knew that high tide was at 2.38 p.m., so we had set off about 10.30 a.m.

“But by the time we made it to the second last chain, the water was already beginning to come up at the back of us.”

Tracey continued: “I started to panic and so did my niece, and it’s not like there are any emergency exits, so we had to backtrack.

“At one point, we tried to climb back up to the top, but it was covered in loose rock, so we went back to the beach and tried to wade through the water - at one point we were up to our waists. “

Stranded, the family built a fire and waited for the tide to recede, but eventually, Tracey phoned her mum who called the coastguard.

“They arrived really quickly and were all so lovely, I can’t say enough to thank them.”

“I definitely think there should be more warnings. If one of us had fallen, it could’ve been fatal, it’s definitely something I won’t be repeating.”

A spokesman from Aberdeen Coastguard said: “We would advise anyone attempting the cain walk to check the tide times and people can phone us for tide information on 01224 592334.”