Leven nominated for ‘Plook on the Plinth’

Leven... with "regressive pretensions"?
Leven... with "regressive pretensions"?

Is Leven one of the ugliest, most depressing places in Scotland?

Well is seems some folk think it is.

The town has been nominated for the ‘Plook on the Plinth’ in the 2014 Carbuncle Awards.

“A grim post industrial wasteland with regressive pretensions to being a seaside resort because it happens to have some sand,” states the nomination. “Tourism came to an end in the mid 1970s...”

The nomination sees no redeeming feature and asserts the award should actually be for all of Levenmouth.

But Leven and its “ill mannered” residents are seen at its core with “Violent pubs with a sectarian undercurrent, run down infrastructure, skeletal public services; dying town centre haunted by aggressive beggars; nominally pedestrianised, but choked with blue badge 4x4s and delivery vans...”

Full story in this week’s East Fife Mail. What are your views?