Leven rail campaigners put their case in new consultation

Leven rail - mock-up sign for station community is campaigning forLeven rail - mock-up sign for station community is campaigning for
Leven rail - mock-up sign for station community is campaigning for
Campaigners bidding to get Levenmouth's rail link restored are set to take part in a consultation exercise to demonstrate the strength of their case.

Levenmouth Rail Campaign (LMRC) representatives will be part of the Transport Scotland initiative which is part of a ‘‘detailed engagement exercise” being carried out by Peter Brett Associates (PBA) who have been retained as consultants to re-examine the case for reinstating the line which would allow direct train services between Leven and Edinburgh.

Eugene Clarke, LMRC chairman, said: “While we’re happy to contribute we do find it a little strange that there have already been two similar exercises in 2008 and 2015 which have each recommended reopening the line. We do wonder why this third review is necessary.’’

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The consultation takes place in Leven on April 20 and will focus on three issues – what are the problems with the provision of existing transport networks, what issues and face users, and what opportunities are not being realised as a consequence of current transport provision?

Mr Clarke added that it was important that as many groups as possible were involved in the exercise.

He added: “One of the issues of the earlier research was that many local people had felt ignored in the consultation by the previous consultation exercises.

‘‘We’re sure PBA will be keen to avoid the same mistake, and we look forward to their eventual report confirming what every local councillor, MSP, MP and of course local resident already knows – reinstating the rail link is a no brainer.’’

To take part, contact Emma Jopling of PBA on 0141 343 3318 or [email protected]