Leven town centre to fight against rubbish

Litter dropped in Leven High Street
Litter dropped in Leven High Street

Town centre traders in Leven have rubbished a recent spate of litter-dropping in the High Street, which they think is an embarrassment to the town.

Some think it needs greater attention from Fife Council, with Saturday clean-ups being suggested.

And with plenty of litter bins in the town centre, they also want a more responsible attitude from pedestrians.

Holidaymakers and visitors had commented on how untidy the street was, which gave it a bad name.

Traders’ frustration was summed up when a customer, seated at an outdoor cafe table, was seen picking up litter from the street.

Heather Knox, of Photopoint, said she had been told Fife Council staff were out cleaning every day but, unfortunately, the street was often in a bad state , and the Council’s small mechanical sweeper was unable to get between the bollards.

Discarded cigarette ends and carry-out containers were a particular problem, said Heather, and Saturday clean-ups were possibly needed.

Some businesses should perhaps be advised on anti-litter policies, she added, while the complaints were an embarrassment. The street was not being looked after as it should .

“Everybody here can see the mess the High Street is in,” added Heather. “I have worked in the High Street for many years and can see how it has declined.”

The issue drew many comments from traders and customers on the Mail’s Facebook page.

Buttons Kerr suggested: “Enforce the fines,” while Jane Heggie said it was indicative of the ‘couldn’t care less’ culture and laziness. She added: “There are bins and, when I worked in retail, we always swept outside and cleaned in front of our areas. No excuse for mess in the street.”

Victoria Perkins added: “Street is disgusting. Never known a high street like it. Very much miss the ‘scaffy’ who used to be there all day sorting it all out, although people should not be littering in the first place.”

Shopkeeper Jules Herd said: “I sweep the close outside my shop twice a day. I don’t mind doing it at all but I do mind nobody else doing it. Take your share, Fife Council.”

A Council spokesman reminded people that anyone caught dropping litter could face a £50 fine.

The Council did daily clean-ups, he added, and there was provision at weekends.

Fife Council’s service manager, Damien Woods, told fifetoday.co.uk: “We’re trying as hard as we can to keep Leven High Street clean and tidy for locals and visitors alike, so it’s great to hear traders in the town also consider the issue of litter an important one.

“The local service team carries out street cleaning patrols at least twice a day, Monday to Friday, with barrows to pick and sweep up anything lying about, including glass.

“The first one is carried out around 7.30 a.m. to ensure anything dropped overnight is removed for the start of the day. There is also cover at the weekends.

“There are also 28 bins on Leven High Street, six free-standing bins at the bus station and 44 bins in total in the surrounding town centre area.

“We would urge people to use them to dispose of their waste .”