Levenmouth and Trinidad bond enriched by a catchy calypso beat

Trinidad steel drum players at Denbeath during church-organised visit with Rev Elisabeth Cranfield
Trinidad steel drum players at Denbeath during church-organised visit with Rev Elisabeth Cranfield

The recent visit to Levenmouth from the Church of Scotland in Trinidad steel pan band, COSTOS, is still being talked about by local people with enormous enthusiasm.

In addition to lively and joyful music, the Caribbean guests symbolised the very meaning of the bond between our own Methilhill and Denbeath Parish Church and its overseas counterpart. This was learning from each other and being enriched through shared faith, deepening relationships, and the exchange of ideas and appreciation of our different cultures.

The musicians were accompanied by their chaplain, Rev. John Bacchas, the minister of the Church of Scotland in Trinidad, back in Levenmouth for a fourth time.

The voyage 
to Scotland was a very exciting adventure for the band, especially since most of its younger members had never before left Trinidad.

Local minster, the Rev Elisabeth Cranfield, said the congeregation was “delighted to share this special Caribbean gift with the Levenmouth community”.

Highlights included a church concert and a performance at a special twinning celebration service, attended by Fife’s Lord Lieutenant, Margaret Dean, and representatives from Kirkcaldy Presbytery and the Church of Scotland. The guests also learned a little about Scottish songs and culture from their hosts.

Perfomances were also given at Kirkland High School and for all the pupils of Denbeath and Methilhill Primary Schools.

It was fascinating, said Rev Cranfield, for so many people to see and hear real steel pan players peforming on their doorstep. She added: “This visit has been enormously helpful in enriching our 
twinning partnership and giving us ideas for its further development. It has also been very successful in helping to broaden the appeal of our twinning to way beyond the congregation.”

Band members included leader and instructress Leiba Trotman, her son Afiba Trotman-Stephens (13), James Smith (9) and Sierra Young (18) on their tenor pans,Xynoya Simmons (15), drummer Barry Lake (19), Fernella McCarthy and Peggy Ng-See-Quan.