Levenmouth community asked for their opinion on policing

Police in Levenmouth want to hear from you
Police in Levenmouth want to hear from you

Police in Levenmouth have gone digital, and you can get involved too.

More and more of us are spending time online these days, and if you have a spare 15 minutes, and want to influence how policing is delivered in Levenmouth, you can make your feelings known in a new online survey at Scotland.police.uk/yourviewcounts.

This new link allows local residents the opportunity to quickly answer a survey and express their opinion on their local police force.

Sergeant Craig Fyall explained: “This new site provides the public with the opportunity to provide their opinion 24/7.

“It is a national process that everyone can access when it suits them . No more boring form filling. Just click and tick. And what’s even better is that the results are published quarterly and can be accessed via our web page.”

The survey, which takes around 15 minutes to complete allows you to highlight your top five policing priorities, from options such as anti-social behaviour, domestic violence, littering, vandlism, drug use and road safety.

It also allows you to rank your experience with police and your national concerns too.

Craig added: “Don’t be bored standing in queues , or waiting at bus stops, just click and tick and give us your opinion. By providing us with the information that matters to you, we can tailor-make our resources to meet the expectations of the Levenmouth community.

“I look forward to your opinions.”