Levenmouth community rallies for school kids

Amber Birrell (6) getting a trim. From left, Niki, Craig, Kathy and volunteer hairdresser Annallie Rodger.Amber Birrell (6) getting a trim. From left, Niki, Craig, Kathy and volunteer hairdresser Annallie Rodger.
Amber Birrell (6) getting a trim. From left, Niki, Craig, Kathy and volunteer hairdresser Annallie Rodger.
The Levenmouth community has rallied to give local kids a great send off back to school.

With parents facing the cost of school uniforms, equipment, bags and more before the end of the summer holidays, local businesses were keen to help out.

So on Monday, Craig Boyd Hairdressing hosted around 120 school children, giving them free haircuts, school bags and equipment, as well as food and coupons to use at local eateries.

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Around £700 and 210kg in food was also donated to Levenmouth Foodbank.

While the scheme was the brainchild of owner Craig Boyd, a number of local businesses were involved.

Red Petal collected donated bags and equipment, Molly Malones provided sweets and drinks, Stuarts food for the event, and Lee Murray vouchers to be used at his Leven eateries.

Craig praised local people and businesses for their help and donations, saying that the event had been a “great example of community spirit”.

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He added: “We collect for the foodbank all year round and thought what else can we do?

“I thought, if people can’t afford food, then they can’t afford school uniforms.

“It spiralled from there. I spoke to other business owners and we set up something where we could all be involved.

“We’ve had an amazing response.”

Families who use either the Levenmouth Foodbank or clothing back were eligible for vouchers for the free cuts and equipment.

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As well as getting help from local businesses, other hairdressers volunteered to help out.

“The cost to go back to school for any parent is terrible,” Craig added.

“Kids are judgemental and the school days can be the hardest of your life.

“It’s nice to be able to do something nice for them.”

Craig says he is keen to run the project again next year and has spoken to other hairdressers throughout Fife since announcing the project who have shown interest in getting involved.

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Niki McIntosh, owner of the Red Petal, said she wanted to “do my bit” after speaking to Craig.

She has been collecting school equipment and bags, with her customers donating the items.

She says she has been “overwhelmed and humbled”.

She added: “Thank you to everyone in Levenmouth – it’s incredible how we can all rally together when it’s called for.”

All the businesses and locals who have donated or volunteered were praised by Kathy Maclean, a volunteer at Levenmouth Foodbank.

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The foodbank announced in June that stocks were at the lowest levels yet, calling on people to donate food.

Much of the blame for the rise in food vouchers was put down to the roll-out of Universal Credit.

Kathy said: “Craig’s gesture has brought the community together, especially the businesses who have donated so much. Everything they are doing is for the food of the foodbank – to help the people in the area.”

If you would like to make a donation to the foodbank, it is open between 2-6pm on Monday and Friday. The community cafe is also open between 10am-noon. Donations can also be made by contacting the foodbank through Facebook.