Levenmouth Foodbank aims to feed a need

Jim Leishman, Lindsay Roy, Alison Nelson (Chairman) and Katy Dobbie (Co-Ordinator). Pic: Steven Brown
Jim Leishman, Lindsay Roy, Alison Nelson (Chairman) and Katy Dobbie (Co-Ordinator). Pic: Steven Brown

Last week saw the official opening of a foodbank in Methil, created to help those struggling financially in the Levenmouth area.

Created as a response from a group of local churches to what it perceives as a growing need in the community it contacted the Trussell Trust, which is the largest foodbank providers in the UK and asked for their help and advice.

With its help, along with other professional agencies and charities in the area, its main aim is to give immediate short term assistance by providing three days’ worth of food to those experiencing a financial crisis.

For anyone to access the service they need to have been assessed and referred by a professional agency or other charitable organisation.

Alison Nelson, foodbank co-ordinator, said: “We recognised that due to the current economic climate and the recent changes to welfare benefits, there was an increasing number of local people who were finding it difficult to feed themselves and their families.

“It’s important that people understand that the foodbank’s purpose is not to maintain a chaotic lifestyle or encourage a dependency and reliance on our service, but to meet the needs of genuine people who, through no fault of their own, are facing a situation where they are finding it difficult to put food on the table.”

The foodbank also intends to direct anyone who has other needs and are looking for support and assistance to the relevant specialist agencies.

The service is staffed entirely by volunteers and is being totally funded from personal and public donations, with no direct financial help from any Government bodies.

Sainsbury’s Leven supermarket and Asda have allowed the foodbank to collect in their stores by asking customers to donate food from a list whilst doing their weekly shop.

Alison added: “It was during these collections that we realised a chord had been struck with the public, as their generosity was overwhelming.

“This was not only apparent in the giving of food but also in people wanting to volunteer at the foodbank and give of their time.

“Levenmouth Foodbank is simply responding to a present need that is evident in our local community, we take no pleasure in setting up this service and look forward to the day we can close our doors, knowing our service is no longer needed.”

The foodbank was officially opened by Lindsay Roy MP and Provost Jim Leishman.