Libbi Appeal: Family fundraiser close to target

Libbi Toledo
Libbi Toledo

A fundraising appeal launched by the family of missing Kirkcaldy teenager, Libbi Toledo, is close to hitting its target.

The $20,000 online appeal was to help lay her to rest and bring family members across from the USA.

In just eight days it has generated over $14,000 with donations from around 140 people.

The online fund was launched after police searching for Libbi confirmed the body of a female had been found in a disused scrapyard in Smeaton.

Over one week later, they have yet to confirm its identity, or give an update on the search for Libbi who had been missing for ten days at the time of its discovery.

However, Libbi’s father, Joe, who lives in the US, announced his daughter had died.

Posting on his Facebook page he said: ‘‘“There are no words to express the loss we feel.

“We watch as the world is still moving and participating in the normal day to day things, but yet we are stuck standing still in the enormity of our loss.

“Libbi was a beautiful, sweet, funny, and loving young woman.”

Mr Toledo also launched an online fundraising page on gofundme, entitled ‘help-bury-elisabeth’ to help send relatives to Scotland for the funeral.

A statement reads “We would like to honor her by giving her a proper burial.

“Please, if you feel led, help us come together to be able to send her dad and family to Scotland to be able to pay their proper respects, as well as allow her dad to be there to help his son and her mum grieve.

“We have seen the messages of support and prayers for the family that have filled our facebook pages.

“They are greatly appreciated.

“They all show a love for Libbi as a Friend, Confidant, Sister, Daughter, Niece, Granddaughter, and Cousin.

“She has greatly impacted people’s lives here on earth and will continue to do so in her passing.

“We thank you in advance for any support you might give. ‘‘

>> To donate, visit Libbi Toledo Appeal