LibDem ‘praises’ Labour chief

Councillor Tim Brett, leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Fife Council, has welcomed the changes made by the administration to their proposed structure, as the result of Liberal Democrat input.

While Councillor Brett re-affirmed his belief that he does not support an executive structure, he has been “encouraged” by the administration’s willingness to adapt the proposals to address some of his concerns.

Councillor Brett commented: “We are pleased that Councillor Rowley stood by his word at the last council meeting that he would listen to all parties, and has incorporated most of our suggestions - indeed 8 of our 11 suggestions have been incorporated. In particular we are pleased the administration has taken on board our suggestions for a full review of the new structures after 12 months with the strong criteria that we suggested.

“We are also pleased that backbenchers will retain the right to appear and speak at any committee, in order to counteract the lack of involvement that they will have as a result of the new executive structure.”