Licence granted for new pub in Fife shopping centre

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A new pub has been granted a licence to open in Glenrothes.

It will be located at the site of the former Blockbuster store in the Glenwood Centre after being given the go-ahead by Fife Licensing Board on Monday.

The applicant, Mr Amir Aslam, told the board: “There were two pubs in the area.

“Both were demolished during the redevelopment of the area and now there are a lack of these facilities. There aren’t any in that area now as far as I’m aware.

“We are hoping that this new facility would meet the demand in that area.”

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Councillor Alistair Cameron raised some concerns that the Glenwood Centre would soon be undergoing redevelopment, saying: “How does this plan fit in with the work that would be done in that area?”

Mr Aslam said: “We are aware in the future there is going to be redevelopment, but until that happens, there are communities there and they have a need.

“Until that regeneration does happen, we believe there should be those facilities there. Hopefully when the regeneration does happen, the same facilities can be provided within the area. Providing that the application is granted today, we hope to be open as soon as possible.”

Fife Council has earmarked M £1.5m over three years to redevelop the centre.

Permission to convert the former video store into a pub was recomnmended by planning officers in March.