Life-changing trip will be an education for Sidrah

Making a difference: Sidrah hopes to get as much experience out of her volunteering as she can. Pic: FPA
Making a difference: Sidrah hopes to get as much experience out of her volunteering as she can. Pic: FPA

Sidrah Choudhry will be transforming lives next summer as she spends four weeks as a volunteer teacher in South Africa.

The 20-year-old, from South Parks Road in Glenrothes, has volunteered with Projects Abroad and will work as part of a teaching project.

She hopes this will give her an invaluable insight into working in areas of deprivation, as she hopes to follow a career in human rights.

She said: “This is a big challenge for me personally. I really hope my trip is a big success”.

Sidrah, who is about to start her third year at Stirling University studying international politics, is supported in her trip by her four siblings and her parents, Samira and Irshad, who are also naturally worried about their eldest child heading off on her own across the world.

The former Pathhead Primary and Glenrothes High pupil said: “Mum and dad are very proud, but very nervous.”

Explaining her choice of charity, Sidrah said: “I wanted to do something relevant to my career.

‘‘I want to work in human rights, so this seemed to be the best project to get a taste of what it is like.

“I hope to work for a charity or NGO so it seemed ideal to work in an area of real deprivation, and work alongside children and their families, especially the women.”

Peter Slowe, director of Projects Abroad, said: “We are really pleased Sidrah is doing this. South Africa is looking forward very much to meeting her.

‘‘And they definitely want her to bring some pictures of Fife with her.”

To help fund Sidrah’s trip, visit her sponsorship page at myprojectsabroad

Education that is making a real difference to other people’s lives

Sidrah will spend four weeks teaching English in Cape Town, and says her own education in Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes and Stirling will help her achieve her dreams.

“I think when you are a teenager you don’t appreciate the education we get in Scotland. You groan about going to school but, when you see it from their perspective, they are so excited about coming to school and are quite sad when it is the holidays!

“People there don’t have the same opportunities as we have in the western countries.

“I am hoping to meet the families and gain an understanding from them of what it is like to live in deprived areas and to see things from a different perspective to my life.”

For more about the charity, visit Projects Abroad