Life-saving Andrea receives top award

Andrea Hughes
Andrea Hughes

A SECURITY officer has been praised for saving a man’s life after he stopped breathing at a homeless hostel in Cupar.

Andrea Hughes leapt into action when a resident at the Home4Good hostel on Burnside was found unconscious.

Now she has been given a top award by her company in recognition of her quick thinking.

Andrea received the Outstanding Act award in the Securitas Community Awards 2012.

She explained how she was working only her second full-time shift for the firm at the Cupar hostel when she was alerted to the fact that one of the residents was unconscious.

Andrea said: “None of the other residents were willing to help me so I just grabbed the guy’s t-shirt and pulled him to the floor, which wasn’t easy as he was a big, stocky guy.

“He was already turning blue and his lips were swollen.

“I had to pump his chest to get his heart going again.


Using her training, Andrea managed to get the man’s heart re-started and put him in the recovery position when he started being sick.

However, with the emergency services yet to arrive, he stopped breathing again.

Andrea recalled: “I said to him, ‘Come on son, breathe’, as I was clearing his airways again.”

By the time the ambulance got there, Andrea had the man breathing once more.

She said: “I am very proud of what I did that day because that man was someone’s son and I would like to think that someone would do that for one of my sons.”

Karen Shand, a senior practitioner with Fife Council, said: “I think that Andrea handled the situation brilliantly.

“If she hadn’t responded the way she did we would have had a totally different outcome.”