Life sentence for man guilty of Glenrothes murder

Ewan Dow
Ewan Dow

A Glenrothes man who stabbed his victim 171 times has been locked up for a minimum of 18 years and six months.

Ewan Dow (25), was sentenced to life imprisonment at Glasgow High Court on Wednesday having previously pleaded guilty to the murder of Daniel Turner (21), in Riverside Park, Glenrothes in October last year.

Shortly before the assault, Dow posted a Facebook message stating that he intended to commit a murder.

While no clear motive has been identified for the murder, it is suspected that, on the night in question, the accused had been particularly agitated and felt hard done by and wronged by his friends.

He also appears to have been significantly intoxicated.

There is no evidence of any history of animosity between the accused and his victim, and though they were known to each other through mutual friends, it is unlikely that they ever spent time along in each others company prior to this incident.

Nicky Patrick, Procurator Fiscal for High Court cases in the East of Scotland, said: “Daniel Turner was a quiet man who was spoken of fondly by every witness interviewed by investigators.

“His murder, during which he was stabbed 171 times, was an unprovoked, cold-blooded act of brutality. Yet again we see the catastrophic consequences that can result from mixing knives and alcohol.

“As prosecutors we will continue to all in our power to bring those who use knives to face the full force of the law.”