Life & times of a stray called Bob ...

Carol Conway with Bob Tails.
Carol Conway with Bob Tails.

A Glenrothes woman who rehomed an elderly dog has paid tribute to him by writing a book about the last months of his life.

And a percentage of the profits are being donated to the Scottish SPCA - the charity from which she took him in.

Carol Conway (49) offered Bob, a 13-year-old collie, a new home earlier this year even though he didn’t have long left to live.

Bob was found straying in January and was suffering from tumours on his liver and spleen.

He was rehomed to Carol on February 1 and he sadly passed away in May.

It was discovered he had been a working farm dog named Glen.

And now Carol has turned Bob’s story into a book titled ‘My Name was Glen’.

Carol explained: “I only had Bob for three and a half months but it was a good three and a half months and he was happy. That’s all I could have asked for.

“While it was difficult at times, I don’t regret it for a minute and I would do it all again.

“I made Bob his own Facebook page as a bit of fun, but also to raise awareness of the benefits of rehoming an older dog.

“Senior dogs are often overlooked but they have so much to offer and Bob is proof of that as he touched the hearts of so many people.

“I am in no doubt that Bob rescued me. He made me realise the importance of living each day to the fullest.

“Bob was a joy to have around and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to share his last few months with him.”

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Joanna McDaid, animal rescue officer, said: “The book is written from Bob’s point of view and, although it is very humorous, I did have tears in my eyes reading it.

“ We would like to thank Carol for giving Bob a loving home for the remainder of his life.

“It’s fantastic that his memory lives on and we are very grateful to Carol for offering to donate a percentage of the book sales to us, as this will allow us to help more animals like Bob.”