Lifeguard rescue at Aberdour's Silver Sands

RNLI lifeguards began their season at Aberdour's Silver Sands last Saturday and were almost immediately called into action.

Friday, 20th May 2016, 11:08 am
Updated Friday, 20th May 2016, 12:12 pm

On Monday just after 6pm as they were packing up for the day, RNLI lifeguard Lachlan Edwards (20) heard a scream from some children who were sinking into sand by the water’s edge.

Lachlan (20) acted quickly and pulled the young children from the quick sand.

Once out of harm’s way, Lachlan and his colleague Lauren Averell (20) returned the children to their family.

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Lachlan said: “We’ve been back on the beach here in Aberdour since Saturday and we’re only too pleased to help anyone in any way we can.

“Sometimes that involves water rescue, first aid or simply offering a bit of safety advice.

“We’re looking forward to another busy year down here and fingers crossed the weather will do its bit to help that!”

Tim Doran, RNLI Lifeguard Manager said “We’re really pleased to already have lifeguards working in Scotland and we’re looking forward to the other five beaches starting next month.

“Lifeguarding really is Scotland’s best summer job and at the moment we’ve still got the opportunity to take on a few more lifeguards for the 2016 season.

“As long as candidates have the right attitude, are willing to learn and can meet the fitness standards we can provide all the training they’ll require to do the job.

“I’d encourage anyone who is interested to have a look at the website or get in touch for more details.”

RNLI lifeguards will now be on duty from 10am until 6pm seven days a week for the rest of the summer and from June 25 will also be stationed in Burntisland, Leven, Elie Harbour, St Andrews East Sands and St Andrews West Sands.