Lightning strike sets car on fire in Thornton street

A Fife man has told how he heard a “huge boom” and saw the street outside his home on fire and a neighbour’s car alight.

Jim Gray (48), of Cameron Park, Thornton, said he was in his house at 12.45 a.m. on Friday when he saw a flash of lightning hit a lamp-post, causing petrol on the road next to the light to catch fire then move up to a nearby Renault Clio which caught alight.

News Update

News Update

“The whole street lit up with the lightning then I heard the huge boom and the next thing the road was on fire.

“It had struck the lamp-post and then set the petrol on fire and it all went up pretty quickly,” he explained.

“I went out to move my car away, because it was close by and I was worried that it would move down the whole row of parked cars.”

Mr Gray, a tree surgeon, said he filmed the horror scene while he waited for the fire brigade to arrive.

“It took them quite a while and by the time they arrived the car was well alight and there were bits of it blowing up and going down the street.

“We could feel the heat from our windows, and although the rain was falling pretty heavily, it wasn’t putting the fire out.

“People in the street thought they were going to have to evacuate their homes. It was pretty frightening.”