Lights shine on the west end

The Maxin restaurant has new owners.
The Maxin restaurant has new owners.

THE west end of Kirkcaldy High Street is in for a further boost with two restaurants set to open.

Following on from last week’s announcement that thirty five jobs are to be created when value store B&M Retail opens next month in the former Global Video premises, two further businesses are set to open their doors.

Toro Bar will opening soon in the former Bar Itza. The new tapas bar and grill is currently recruiting.

It will be employing kitchen, bar, waiting and cleaning staff and isholding a recruitment open day on Monday at the Dean Park Hotel between 12-7.00 p.m.

Fife Licensing Board will hear Toro’s application at a meeting on Monday - objections have also been lodged by two members of the public, and Kirkcaldy West Community Council.

Elsewhere, the long-standing Maxin Chinese Restaurant has gone under a major refurbishment - and a change of owner.


The restaurant, the favourite of MP Gordon Brown, has been a feature on the High Street for over 20 years and was set to re-open yesterday.

Former owner Perdy Wong said she was sad to go as she gets set to retire.

“I will miss it,” she said. “but it was getting to be to much for me. I wasn’t able to cope with everything on my own anymore.

“I really want to thank everyone who has come t over the years.

‘‘It’s time for me to retire but I think it’s good that we’re getting new faces.

“The new owners are really hard working and enthusiastic.”


The new owners are a South African restauranteur group which has operated in scotland for the last 22 years.

It operates Shebeen, Scotland’;s only South African restaurant in Leith, Edinburgh, but will keep the Catonese theme in Kirkcaldy.

A spokesman said: ‘‘Our aim is to revitalise the area. We see an opportunity in this time of recession to invest and develop new businesses.

‘‘Our philosophy is that even in bad times people need to eat and go out and smile - and we hope to provide that relaxing ambience to do so. ‘‘

The doors opened yesterday (Wednesday)

Councillor Alice Soper, Chairman of Kirkcaldy Area Committee, said: “It’s great news for Kirkcaldy that people are willing to invest in the town.

“The next phase of the High Street regeneration will include new pavements at that end which I think will complement those businesses.

“We want to make it look inviting and welcoming.”