Lingo windfarm developers say comments don’t ‘STACK’ up

The energy company behind proposals for a windfarm development in the countryside near St Andrews has expressed its “disappointment” at comments made by a local campaign group opposed to the application.

In response to the claims made by STACK - Stop Turbines at Cameron/Kinaldy - Steve Salt, planning and development director for West Coast Energy, said that much of what the group stated was incorrect.

The Welsh-based company has lodged plans with Fife Council for the Lingo windfarm on land north of the B940, between Largoward and Dunino. It would incorporate installed capacity of 12.5MW consisting of five 100-metre high turbines.

Mr Salt told the Citizen: ”We have spent much time engaging with the community surrounding our site to ensure the correct facts about the development are available. Unfortunately, we do not have knowledge of who STACK are, who is in their membership and who they claim to represent, as they have not engaged with us.

“It seems apparent that STACK have not taken the time to attend one of our many public exhibitions or meetings, where factual, correct information on the site was readily available.

“We understand that people within the community will have many differing views on wind energy - both positive and negative. We strive to ensure that we provide all the facts in a transparent way, and allow people to make their own minds up from correct information.”

Mr Salt accused STACK of prejudicing people’s views with misinformation.

He added:”We would like to invite STACK and their members to get in touch with us so we can provide answers to their many questions, and provide them with correct factual information.”