Litter-ally cleaning the streets in Glenrothes

The Woodside residents who were out cleaning the area at the weekend.
The Woodside residents who were out cleaning the area at the weekend.

Residents from a Glenrothes community were out in force over the weekend as part of a drive to tidy up the local environment.

Members of We R Woodside, a volunteer group set up in 2015 to help improve the area in which they live, came together to rid the streets of litter.

It’s the latest in a number of improvement initiatives which proved to be another huge success after dozens of bags of discarded litter and rubbish were gathered from the Woodside streets.

And councillors Ian Sloan and Ross Vettraino came along to lend a helping hand had nothing but praise for the volunteer’s efforts.

“One of the priorities identified at the public meetings held by the We R Woodside group was the amount of litter in the Woodside area,” explained Cllr Sloan.

“The group decided to help improve the local environment and organised a successful event on Saturday.

“The organisers are to be thanked for this and I look forward to seeing them plan more projects later this year for the benefit of people living and working in Woodside.”

Cllr Vettraino added: “In these financially restricted times this sort of community enterprise aimed at maintaining their local area must be commended and volunteers achieved a great deal this weekend.

“I must say however that it’s sad to think that had there been more respect for the local area by certain members of the community who threw the litter then we wouldn’t need to have this sort of initiative.

“The efforts of volunteers should be applauded.”