Litter and gulls cause problems on St Andrews streets

Rubbish strewn around North Street.
Rubbish strewn around North Street.

St Andrews residents are being asked to help clean up the streets - by reporting litter problems.

When properties cannot use wheelie bins, Fife Council tries to collect the alternative black bin bags early on collection days. However, sometimes gulls get to the bags first and litter is left strewn across pavements, as was the case in North Street on Tuesday.

Martin Kingham, service manager for waste collection, said: “Unfortunately people sometimes add to the sacks with additional rubbish in carrier or paper bags, which is essentially fly-tipping. The refuse collection, street cleaning and enforcement teams work closely together to try to address this.

“We are working towards reducing the number of sack collections in the area by replacing the service with on-street bins where possible. As there is a parking pressure in the area, though, we are working with transportation colleagues on this for a long-term solution.”

If you see illegal dumping or other litter-related issues, you can report it by calling 03451 55 00 22.