Litter louts yellow-carded

Cotlands Park in Kennoway
Cotlands Park in Kennoway

Bids to bring better bins to Cotlands Park are being discussed after complaints that litter dropped at the Kennoway venue is “unacceptable”.

The local community council approached Fife Council after hearing litter was being left after the regular number of football games played at the park.

complaints of litter at Cotlands Park Kennoway

complaints of litter at Cotlands Park Kennoway

The volume of rubbish was “totally unacceptable”, members heard, and they hoped to liaise with the football representatives over a solution.

The community council also intended to contact Fife Council’s community services section over the emptying of litter baskets at the site.

Kennoway Sports Association (KSA), which hires the venue from Fife Council, reckons the existing couple of bins at the Leven Road park needed to be replaced, if possible, by concrete bins, with proper lids, and more should ideally be provided.

KSA’s Bob McPhail said there was an agreement that the various clubs would clean up after matches.

Cotlands was a very frequently used area for football, with, among others, children’s coaching sessions, Sunday amateur games and youth matches involving under-16s and under-19s.

The existing bins often had litter scattered in attacks by birds, said Mr McPhail, while rubbish was also possible blown about from the new-look playpark at Cotlands, which was very widely used.

Community council chairman David Mole said the problem was made worse when Fife Council workers, on a tight schedule, came to cut the grass – “bits of plastic bottles and crisp packets go flying everywhere,” he added.

The abandoned litter had been a problem for “quite a while”, he said, and appeared to be getting worse, while increased use of the area’s facilities could also be a factor.

A spokesman for Fife council’s parks, streets and open spaces section in Levenmouth said there was a “historical agreement” with the teams that they are meant to lift the litter at the end of the games,but a lot of teams did not do it, which increased the workload for Council employees.

However, whenever the issue was raised, the clubs usually saw to it fairly quickly, said the spokesman, and it was possible also that some of the litter was being left by visiting squads or spectators.

Representatives of Fife Council and KSA had been due to have a walkabout meeting this week and the issue of extra, better bins was likely to be raised, said Mr McPhail.

He shared the concerns about rubbish being shredded into pieces by the bladed grass cutters.

A detailed list of ‘do’s and dont’s’ for visitors to Cotlands is published in a notice board at the entrance to the park – and the final item on a list of 10 ‘don’ts’ says: “Do not drop litter or dump any material within the park or open space.”