Little Emily leaps into the world...

Baby Emily with mum and dad Grant and Kerry.
Baby Emily with mum and dad Grant and Kerry.

Young Emily Anne Livingstone just made it as a leap year baby when she made her appearance in the world just in time on the 29th.

Proud parents Kerry and Grant welcomed their new arrival at 10.40pm, at the maternity ward at Kirkcaldy’s Victoria Hospital.

The 8lb 9oz youngster will now age rather more slowly than her contemporaries, with a birthday just once every four years.

An extra day is inserted in the calendar every four years to help align our calendar year with the solar year – the length of time it takes the Earth to orbit the sun – which is about 365 days and six hours. And why in February? Just custom dating back to the early days of the Roman calendar which evolved into the Gregorian calendar we use today.