Little Kayla set for pioneering operation

Kayla with mum Katie and dad Grant
Kayla with mum Katie and dad Grant

The dream of seeing their daughter walk for the first time is set to become a reality for the family of three-year-old Kayla.

For the brave little girl who has stolen the hearts of many a Gazette reader since her parents launched the Help Kayla Find Her Feet campaign, has been given her operation date for pioneering surgery.

And now parents Katie Bird and Grant Neilson are counting down the days until they fly to St Louis Children’s Hospital, Missouri in America where world renowned surgeon Dr TS Park will carry out the five and a half hour procedure that in time will help Kayla to walk.

She was born 10 weeks premature and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy shortly before her first birthday.

“We’re excited but also just a little bit terrified ” said Katie.

“I have no concerns for Kayla’s well-being because Dr Park is a genius at what he does, but we’re not looking forward to being away from the rest of the family for five weeks,” she added.

Kayla’s two brothers will stay with grandparents while their parents accompany Kayla on her live-changing trip.

They’re making final preparations for their flight out to the States on September 21, before her operation which will take place three days later.

And with townsfolk already wishing them all the best, Katie and Grant are keen to thank the Glenrothes public for supporting their campaign.

“We can’t begin to thank the public for their support and overwhelming generosity in helping us to secure the operation that Kayla needs, but this is only one aspect of the care for Kayla and so we are still very much continuing to fundraise,” said Katie.

“Once the operation has been completed and we are back home Kayla will need intensive therapy to make the surgery worthwhile, up to now we’ve only raised the funding for the initial aftercare.

“We also have to go back to America in a year’s time which means we still need to carry out fundraising for Kayla.”

The family have already raised in the region of £40,000 in order for Kayla to be able to have the pioneering surgery and are now needing to continue with their campagin to ensure their daughter gets the best possible aftercare and supporting therapy.

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