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Overlooked by the scouts when you were young?! Ever thought “that should have been me”?!

Well now you have the chance to right that wrong by playing for Scotland at Stark’s Park this autumn!

On October 13 a pro-am Scottish Invitation XI will take on their English counterparts in a charity match to raise money for Raith Rovers and for just £250 you could be playing!

You will receive a minimum of 15 minutes on the pitch, a copy of the match programme, a personal copy of the match DVD, two tickets for the post match dinner and you’ll also get to keep your match shirt,

Organiser Bob Carruthers is sure that it’ll be an occasion to remember. He said: “It’s all tied in with the Kirkcaldy Comedy Festival which I’m putting together. I want it to be as interactive as possible and try to bring the festival to the people of the town.

“Every football fan still has that little kid inside of them who wants to run onto the pitch and play for Scotland. This is their chance!”

The match will be professionally filmed and broadcast online on then will be released on DVD. There will also be a post match dinner which is open to anyone, not just the players, which will feature comedian Bob Doolally.

Bob Carruthers is also behind the Wraith Rovers film which will begin shooting at the beginning of September which will be screened at the end of the comedy festival. “We’re trying to bring a fun element to Kirkcaldy,” he said. “The football match should be a great day out.

“We’re in the processs of getting some well-known names to come along and Raith Rovers are helping us out with that.

“It’s going to be extremely enjoyable for anyone taking part.”

This is a unique opportunity and if you’d like to take part visit to sign up or call 0751 5521693.

Oh, and if you’d like you can also choose to play for England!