Liverpool crewmen plucked to safety by lifeboats

Anstruther liifeboat in action.
Anstruther liifeboat in action.

TWO men were rescued by the Anstruther lifeboats after their vessel ran aground on rocks near Crail.

The alarm was raised just prior to 1am on Wednesday, August 1, when the fluorescent markings of their lifejackets were seen from the shore.

Both the Anstruther inshore and all-weather lifeboats were launched, under the overall command of second coxswain Alex Purves.

The Anstruther inshore boat arrived on scene first and got the two men off their vessel, understood to be a re-furbished lifeboat, and transferred them to the Anstruther all-weather boat, which took them to Anstruther for a medical assessment.

Their vessel had started to break up on the rocks, during very poor weather of gusting winds and heavy rain, and will be a total loss.

The men, from Liverpool, who were heading north towards Peterhead, were assessed by ambulance crew and found to be uninjured.

They were put up by the lifeboat crew for the night.