Living with diabetes & knowing the symptoms

Rachael Bushnell with daughter Ailey who has Type 1 Diabetes. Pic: FPA
Rachael Bushnell with daughter Ailey who has Type 1 Diabetes. Pic: FPA

A Kirkcaldy mum knew something wasn’t right with her little girl when she kept wetting herself - even though she had been toilet trained.

Rachael Bushnell (30) assumed her two-and-a-half year old daughter, Ailey, had a urine infection so took her to the doctor.

Samples were tested, the results showed this was not the case.

The mum-of-two knew something wasn’t right and persisted with her GP who sought advice from the children’s unit at Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy. Blood tests were taken and they revealed the tot had Type 1 Diabetes.

Next week is National Diabetes Week (June 14-20) and Rachel said it’s important to raise awareness of the condition, particularly in children.

She said: “I knew something was wrong but it took four weeks before the diagnosis was made. It was scary because if it had been left untreated Ailey would have become very ill - but she was given insulin straight away so it was caught quickly.

“It was awful at the time, but since we have learned about the condition it is actually been easier because Ailey is very young, so she doesn’t know any different.”

Having a young child with Type 1 Diabetes can be difficult as Rachael has to weigh Ailey’s food and count the carbs she eats so her blood sugar level doesn’t get too high.

She also has to test her bloods four times a day and has insulin injections four times a day before meals.

Rachael said: “It is really important to raise awareness of diabetes particularly in children.

There are four main symptoms you have to look out for (known as the four T’s) - tiredness, thirst, using the toilet more often and thinner (losing weight). If you know something isn’t right, make sure you get it checked out straight away.”