Local anger as illegal flytipping mars Largo beauty spot

The illegal flytipping at Keil's Den, Largo.
The illegal flytipping at Keil's Den, Largo.

Walkers at a popular local beauty spot were enraged at the weekend when a load of building waste was dumped at the entrance.

Either late Friday night or early Saturday morning, a substantial amount of material - a mixture of fibreboard, felt attached to plyboard and insulation board - was tipped at the small car par at Keil’s Den, near Largo.

Flytipping at Keil's Den, Largo.

Flytipping at Keil's Den, Largo.

“I was absolutely shocked to see it,” said Irene Kay, of Upper Largo. “The den is such a beautiful place for walkers and everyone appreciates it. The Woodland Trust does a fantastic job of maintaining it and local people who are rangers look after it.

“For someone to come along and think it is okay to do this is outrageous.”

The ancient woodland covers around 45 acres with two miles of paths. It has a special place in the heart of the community - in 1992 locals raised 75% of the purchase price to enable the Woodland Trust to buy it from its private owner.

“The person who dumped this rubbish could just as easily have taken it to the Methil recycling depot like everyone else,” said Peter Aitken, chairman of Largo Area Community Council. “There was no need for this indiscriminate dumping of rubbish.”

For someone to come along and think it is okay to do this is outrageous.

Irene Kay, local resident and walker

Jill Aitken, Woodland Trust Scotland site manager, said: “It’s really sad that some people think that it’s ok to dump their rubbish in the countryside. Keil’s Den is a popular beauty spot and the last thing visitors want to see when they come to enjoy the spectacular autumn colour is a huge pile of rubble blocking the car park.”

Fife Counci lead officer Dawn Jamieson confirmed that a complaint had been logged today (Monday) about the incident.

She said: “We’ll be sending officers out to investigate in the next few days.

“There hasn’t been an increase in cases of flytipping in this area but as always we encourage householders to dispose of waste free of charge at our recycling centres.

“Anyone found to be flytipping or littering could face a hefty fine. We take this very seriously and will do everything to make sure that those responsible are caught.

“You can report flytipping to us on 03451 550022.”