Local faces put ‘centre’ stage in Glenrothes exhibition

Carolyn Scott
Carolyn Scott

An exhibition of photographs featuring portraits of people who frequent the Kingdom Centre has been unveiled at Rothes Halls gallery.

And what’s more two former Gazette reporters are depicted in one of the artist’s own favourite pictures.

Former Gazette chief reporter Mike Delaney and fellow scribe Kevin Quinn are amongst those who have been captured eating their lunch in their usual spot just yards from where the collection of images are now being exhibited.

“The picture of your colleagues was one of the first I took,” explained Carolyn.

“I love it because it captures three men all essentially doing the same thing - enjoying their lunch and reading the paper.

”But what I find fascinating is that they all command their own personal space, men tend to be like that.”

The idea for the photographs came to the artist when she was working at Halls on another project a couple of years ago.

The self-confessed people-watcher wanted to capture the faces and characters of some of those who made up the daily life of the shopping centre and started photographing anyone who caught her attention.

“I was struck by the huge cross section of people who frequent the centre and wanted to capture that diversity,” said Carolyn.

“These people are the pulse and the life blood that keeps the centre going.

“As well as being art it could be seen as a memory or social record, something that can be revisited in years to come, I like the idea of that.

“But what I also like about pictures such as these is that the viewer knows very little, if anything, of the subjects beyond the image before them.”

Of the hundreds of photographs Carolyn took in her time spent in the centre she says there was only ever one person who declined.

“Mostly people where very supportive and intrigued as to what I was up to and all of the pictures except one are taken exactly where I found them,” she added.

Commenting on the ‘Gazette photo’ former Glenrothes reporter Kevin Quinn said: “It’s a great photo of three men trying to ignore each other, it’s also a nice reflection of Mike who sat there most days for many years.”

The exhibition entitled ‘The Centre’ is free and runs until February 19.