Locals get on their bikes

Cycling event in the town square
Cycling event in the town square

Last weekend saw people getting involved in all things cycling at a special event in Kirkcaldy.

The town celebrated Bike Week with a fun day at Kirkcaldy Town Square, with uni-cycle stunt displays alongside bike tryouts and balancing skills.

Dr Bike was kept busy with checkups and repairs throughout the day, while the tryouts were especially popular - giving people a chance to try out electrically assisted bikes, cargo bikes, and some more unusual styles.

Michael Nimmo is Project Co-ordinator for Make your move Kirkcaldy - the organisation behind the event.

He said: “It went well considering the weather and the forecast. There was a bit of a mixture of ages, a lot of families with kids.

“We always try to offer people something different. The bike try-outs were really popular. We got a fair bit of interest in other activities like cycling proficiency. It was a great day.”

The next event is at the Beveridge Park Community Festival on July 28 and 29.