Log on to life in Fife at the end of the world

Matthew McLean (picture by Walter Neilson)
Matthew McLean (picture by Walter Neilson)
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‘Aftermath’ – the post-apocalyptic on-line modern audio drama, is approaching the end of its first season.

Written and produced by Robert Cudmore and Matthew McLean, the project has been running for just over a year now after its creation while they were radio students at Adam Smith College in 2011.

The story takes place in areas around Fife, such as Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy, St Andrews and Falkland, and mainly follows the journey of a group of survivors after a devastating bio-chemical attack on Scotland in 2016.

The group attempts to find out who was behind the attacks while facing the imminent danger of the crazed victims of the bombings, who have become bloodthirsty mutants.

Matthew, well known among East Fife FC’s most loyal followers, explained the production was heavily influenced by modern American audio dramas such as ‘Edict Zero FIS’ and ‘We’re Alive’.

“The genre of ‘modern audio drama’ is often described as ‘films for your ears’ and uses music and sound effects, on top of the acting, to bring productions to life,” he added.

‘Aftermath’ now has hundreds of fans worldwide and downloads are well into the thousands.

In February, the pair were guests on BBC Radio Scotland’s Fred Macaulay show following the release of episode one, ‘The Lock In’, and there was further success in March when the show won “best radio & online pitch” at the Creative Loop festival in Glasgow.

All episodes and the brand new season one prologue/trailer can be downloaded for free on iTunes, Soundcloud or Jellycast.

Log on also to http://www.yapaudio.co.uk/audiofiction