‘Lonely Bouquet’ becomes part of Elaine C. Smith’s live show

Say it with flowers: Elaine C Smith
Say it with flowers: Elaine C Smith

A ‘lonely bouquet’ of flowers lovingly left on a bench for a passing stranger have become a star attraction thanks to Elaine C. Smith.

The comic, who performed her Burdz Eye View tour to a packed-out Adam Smith Theatre on Saturday night, had the audience enrapt as she read out a message attached to the flowers.

“The ‘lonely bouquet’’ Adopt me please, I’m all alone and looking for a new home, “Perhaps I can live with you or a loved one.”

The message ended: “This arrangement was made with love by Jacquie. These flowers are designed to make you smile but only know they last a short while.”

After the show, scores of people took to Facebook to message the friendly florist.

She was Jacquie Reed, of Reed Floral Designs near Thornton, who told the Press she had been bowled over by the public’s response.

“I’ve been doing ‘lonely bouquets’ for around three years now, “ she explained.

“I just do it when I have a few flowers left over. We put them somewhere where somebody is likely to pick them up and place a smile on their face for a day.

“I made four bouquets that that day using flowers from my garden too.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well so I asked my husband Malcolm to randomly put them out.”

Malcolm placed two bouquets at Ravenscraig Park, another at the Kirkcaldy Galleries and one on a bench outside the Adam Smith Theatre.

Elaine C. Smith, loved by millions as the wife of Rab C. Nesbit, said: “My make up artist Nicole Tulloch discovered the beautiful floral bouquet and for a laugh she put them in my dressing room.

“Normally I always have flowers on stage with me so we put the bouquet on the set and during the show I let the audience know what had happened. The message on the card asked to be informed of where the flowers would end up - so they found a home on the touring set of my show ‘Burdz Eye View’ and eventually ended up in my living room in Glasgow. It could only happen in Fife.”

She added: “The show itself was great. Adam Smith is a great theatre with a fabulous audience and this was a lovely gesture and a fab advert for the florist.”

Jacquie admitted she felt a little embarrassed by the reaction but was delighted all the same.

She said: “I ask people who find the flowers to message me to let me know where they end up, but people rarely do.

“In fact my husband watched the flowers at Ravenscraig Park and witnessed some passers-by leave the bouquet saying they thought it was too good to be true.”

“This time I was bombarded with messages on Facebook from people saying how lovely it was. Their response was just amazing.

“I sent Elaine C. Smith a message on Facebook saying it was very kind of her to say things on stage.”