Long-established Pitlessie council may not reform

From left, Rona Smillie, husband Sandy, Heather henderson and Mmarion Brough
From left, Rona Smillie, husband Sandy, Heather henderson and Mmarion Brough

A community council which has looked after the interests of residents in the Pitlessie area since 1942 may be about to fold if new members and office-bearers cannot be found.

Following November’s community council elections in Fife, Cults Community Council found itself with just four members - the minimum allowing it to function.

During the election of office-bearers, just one post was filled, with Rona Smillie continuing as treasurer.

With the council permitted to co-opt new members, it is hoped numbers can be swelled and posts filled at the next meeting in the Wilkie Hall on February 2. A flyer is being prepared, urging locals to come forward.

Mrs Smillie - whose husband, Sandy, is also a member of the council - is hopeful that residents will support the council by joining.

“I just keep hoping that the council can continue here.”

In the past year, the community council’s objection helped prevent the erection of a controversial wind turbine west of Pitlessie.

Over the years it has also been active in the village’s entry in the Beautiful Fife competition.

Fife councillor Karen Marjoram, who chaired the inaugural meeting of the community council, said this week that Fife Council officials agreed with her that that initial meeting could be re-scheduled.

“If additional local people come forward, and are willing to take on office-bearer positions, then the community council will be able to continue.

“The Cults Community Council has done some great work in and for the community over the years, and it would be a real pity for it to cease to exist.”

Fellow Fife councillor for the area, Margaret Kennedy, said it was “extremely disappointing” to hear that the council had been unable to reform.

She added it was detrimental for communities, particularly within rural areas, not to have a community council, as they could feel isolated from decision making.

“I have contacted their previous secretary again offering my support with their discussions. It may be that the election has to be re-run.”