Looking back: Nairn Factory, Kirkcaldy

Information on this stunning picture of Kirkcaldy's Nairn Factory and surrounding area comes from George Proudfoot of Kirkcaldy Civic Society who dates it to the late 60s/early 70s.

Nairn Folly which was built 1847 is no longer in there,” he said. “It was just off picture at front right and was demolished in 1969.

“This was followed by the demolition of the rest of the Nairn factories this side of Victoria Road/Nairn Street. Only one remains in picture but must have been demolished soon after that.

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All this area except the Feuers Tavern - just off picture on right - was developed in the late 1980s/early 1990s as a residential estate.

“The photo also contains the ‘A’ listed factory on Victoria Road with the long windows. Despite a lot of effort to sell it off and restore it, it was recently demolished as it had become increasingly unsafe.

“Also in picture is the old Nairn Headquarters - Braehead House (lower left). This is ‘B’ listed and has been developed as luxury apartments.

“In the upper left is Nairn’s Smeaton complex of tile plant and warehouse.

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“The council’s recycling centre on left of Denburn Road is still scrubland here!

“The right of Denburn Road used to be the Dunnikier Colliery, locally know as the Pannie Pit. There use to be a small bing there and the Pannie Burn (now culverted) use to run past it.”

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