Looking for a job? A new online forum is powering up to help...

David Grieve, creator of online forum 'Jobs in Fife'
David Grieve, creator of online forum 'Jobs in Fife'

A Kirkcaldy man has proved ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself’... and then invite a few thousand friends to join in.

In just one year, a new facebook group – called Jobs in Fife – has attracted over 6000 members and, thanks to its growing popularity, is revolutionising the local job market.

The online forum is the brainchild of foster carer and father David Grieve (38).

He said: “I first started Jobs in Fife as I found there were a lot of unemployed people I knew complaining there were no jobs in the area and they received no help at all from the Job Centre, which they felt only processed people and forced them to go to job interviews for jobs they had no experience for and no hope of getting.”

David, who had noticed shops advertising directly on their windows, began posting photos of the adverts on the group’s news feed and invited all his friends to join.

He also discovered many employers were reluctant to advertise at the job centre because they were flooded with applicants who feared losing their benefits.

To his delight, David quickly discovered the forum worked, thanks to the power of social networking and the genuine enthusiasm of its members.

He especially credits a handful of initial members who really promoted the idea.

“After a short period of time, people began to add their friends and the numbers in the group began to grow. As this happened, I encouraged everyone to post any jobs they knew about and tag their friends in the posts,” he said.

The group now carries jobs advertised through Gumtree and Indeed and is even hoping to convince the Job Centre to promote it to jobseekers.

Rules are few, but include the decision to not promote commission-only jobs.

“The best time for me was when the first person posted a message thanking the group as they had managed to secure a job because of it,” said David. “That is the only payment anyone on the group asks for.”

He added: “Our message I suppose, is to play it forward, or let’s help everyone and you never know, maybe someone will help you when you need it.”

Praise from Kirkcaldy’s MP

Newly-elected MP Roger Mullin said: “Jobs in Fife is a unique and much needed initiative in Fife.

With the failure of the UK’s Job Centres to be effective, Dave Grieve shows what can be done with a bit of initiative and lot of care for the people in our community.”

Visit Jobs in Fife here