Loonies wanted!


mad Fifers are being sought to put their bodies through a few minutes of torture for a good cause by taking part in the 2012 Lang Toun Loony Dook.

With the summer sun turning to autumn, organisers Maureen Londra and Lesley Smith are hoping that people’s minds may be turning to their plans for the festive season – and they are urging them to sign up for the annual fundraiser.

Next year’s nominated charity will be the men’s charity, Prostate Scotland.

It was chosen because in previous years a lot of the proceeds have gone to support breast cancer charities, and the organisers wanted to balance things up.


“We have chosen Prostate Scotland as our nominated charity and are inviting people to join us.

‘‘But it they would rather do the dook for their own nominated charity, then we are quite happy with that – it is quite informal,” explained Maureen (47), who, along with her friend Lesley (also 47), have agreed to take over the organisation of the event from Ann Beltons.

“We are hoping as many people as possible will come along and keep the Kirkcaldy tradition going.”

Maureen is also hoping that those participating will enter into the spirit by donning fancy dress.

Bracing dip

“I think it makes it a bit more fun and colourful as well as giving the spectators something extra to enjoy,” she said.

“It is a great way to start the new year - as well as being a great hangover cure, it puts you in a very positive frame of mind.

“Living on the coast I don’t think we make enough of our natural asset.

‘‘This is a great way to celebrate it while raising money for worthy causes at the same time.”