Love is in the air for Golden couple

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FIFERs could soon witness the flutter of tiny wings, if a rare bid to mate two golden eagles goes to plan.

Love is in the air for the massive birds of prey, who reside at Elite Falconry in Cluny.

The birds would be two of only a handful of golden eagles in the UK to breed naturally - and Fifers will be able to watch all the action live on the internet.

The love birds - six year old Stanley and an 11-year-old unnamed female - will be put together in the aviary on Friday, in the hopes they take a liking to each other and do the rare feat of producing eggs naturally.

And to share the experience with bird-lovers, owners at the bird of prey centre, Barry and Roxanne, have rigged up six CCTV cameras around the eagle’s new home in the hope Fifers will be able to see how the birds are getting along.

Barry told the Press: “The idea of streaming footage of the aviary 24 hours a day is quite exciting, and hopefully it will allow the public to see what goes on when two golden eagles are put together.


“Breeding golden eagles naturally is very difficult - our female was one of only three eggs that came from a pair of eagles who had been breeding for nine years - so if we get one or two eggs

we will be over the moon.

“There are some places who use artificial insemination, but we are, as far as we know, the only place in Fife breeding two golden eagles naturally, and one of only eight or nine in the whole of the UK, so if this works, we’ll be flying high.”

The birds were put together for a week at the end of January, but Stanley had come into breeding condition before the female was ready, meaning he was aggressive.

It’s hoped by Friday they will both be ready to perform the difficult task ahead.

Live streaming of the aviary will be available from March 1, at web address