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Joy Division
Joy Division

Dawn Renton takes a look at the week’s TV highlights

Joy Division

(Friday, BBC4, 9.00 p.m.)

You’ve got to love BBC4 and their documentaries and this one is a pure gem. Charting the story of Manchester band Joy Division, the story begins with a look at the 1976 Sex Pistols gig that is now credited with igniting the city’s music scene. With participation of all surviving band members, the film examines the group’s rise to fame during a time of great social and political change, and the sad death of frontman Ian Curtis.

The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway

(Sunday, BBC Two, 7.00 p.m.)

Engineer Linda Miller battles to 
rebuild a Victorian tunnel under the Royal Docks in the East End as part of the Crossrail train line 
linking east and west London. It would be nice to say that watching the huge tunnelling machines at work in this series is endlessly fascinating, but that would be a lie. By the end of the series, we will have seen enough shots of the clever way the giant drill slots sections 
of tunnel wall into place behind itself to last a lifetime. Thanks though.

Arthur & George

(Monday, STV, (9.00 p.m.)

New drama series based on real events in Sherlock Holmes’ creator’s Arthur Conan Doyle life, as he battles a notorious miscarriage of justice. Has potential, I think.

Don’t Look Down

(Tuesday, Channel 4, 11.35 p.m.)

Hope you don’t suffer from vertigo-induced anxiety because this film follows urban free climber James Kingston who does enjoy looking down. A lot. The 23-year-old likes to climb cranes and dangle from them. He doesn’t think he’s doing anything reckless. Weirdly, what does scare him is seeing someone else do it.